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Due to the hotel policy, is it possible to check in early/late?

In general, the check-in time is 16 o'clock. Depending on the room condition, you can check-in quickly and pay an additional fee. This hotel has a front desk staff 24 hours a day, so late check-in is possible. If you are going to check-in after 11 p.m., please let us know by phone or e-mail in advance.


About keeping your luggage

On the day of check-in, luggage storage is free. Our hotel has a very small luggage storage space, so we charge 5,000 won per piece for luggage storage only after check-out. The daily storage fee is 10,000 won.


Regarding the additional person (child) fee

Infants under the age of 5 can stay with their guardians for free.

An additional fee (10,000 won per day) will be incurred for 12-year-old children.

For teenagers aged 12 and over, please reserve a room according to the number of general adults.

Please be sure to inform the front desk before entering. Depending on the situation, it may not be possible to stay.


Regarding the maintenance of the room

There are no additional costs involved in basic room maintenance. We basically remove trash from the room, fill up towels and bottled water, and replenish various amenities. If you want to replace your bed sheets, please be sure to let us know at the front between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you don't want to clean up, please mark the DND on the room door.


Do you have a locker? (Can you accept the package to the hotel in advance?)

Yes, it is possible. We will store your pre-sent luggage. Please make sure to write the recipient's name the same as your stay (reservation name) and enter the entry date in the comment section.


Is it possible to call a taxi at the hotel?

Front staff will help you with the taxi call app (KakaoTaxi/IM, etc.) in Korea. It is not possible to book a taxi whose destination is downtown, and to prevent no-show, we call it right away from the scene. (However, taxis to Incheon Airport can be booked in advance.)


Is it possible for minors to stay?

Under middle school students must be accompanied by a guardian, and if they are not accompanied, they cannot stay (if confirmed, the room will be canceled and non-refundable)

High school students need the consent form of guardians of all minors only if they are of the same sex.


If you have any other questions

If you have any questions that don't come out above, please send them by e-mail

Please include the information (reservation name/check-in date/room type) when requesting reservation confirmation.

If you send it to , we will check and reply.

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